Drew Cooper Releases White Horse

Country Music Needs More Drew Cooper

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Very few can draw a crowd like Drew Cooper. Last weekend was no different. Cooper’s Album Release party for White Horse was held at The Rialto Theater in Tucson. Country music fans were there to celebrate one hell of an album and an even better lineup. Opening were fellow artists Jayce Peavler, Caiden Brewer, and The Cole Trains. Take that Nashville!

Cooper didn’t stop there. He added a second album release show at the Rock Bar in Scottsdale. This show, Rob West joined Cooper, along with The Cole Trains. This is the exact reason country music NEEDS more Drew Cooper. Cooper is building a country empire in the desert. His music isn’t about him. It’s about the stories, memories, and friendships made along the way.

Anyone who knows Drew Cooper knows his album White Horse wasn’t a solo project. Inspired by life, friends, and music collaborations sets Cooper apart from the rest. Take the first song, “I Love Jesus (but I cuss a little).” Which was written after a tattoo shop stop with his buddies Robert Thornton and Shane Britt.

White Horse, the current single off the album, is by far the best. A song about finding a boy trying to get a girl in a “one horse town.”

“So how does a boy like me, get a girl like you. Once in a lifetime you, a dream come true. You wanted a prince charming, but I was nowhere to be found. Cause there ain’t white horse. In this one horse town.”

This 10 song album was a long time coming. Whether it’s singing about “Jesus and Jack” or being “Reckless and Free,” each song will take you on a different journey. Cooper is easily recognized by his raspy voice and heartfelt lyrics. Cooper is a little red dirt, a little rock, and a little country. The perfect trio to mend what is missing in modern country music.

Check out Cooper’s White Horse on Amazon, iTunes, and Spotify. Want to see Drew Cooper live? Make sure to follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

White Horse Tracklist:

  1. I Love Jesus (But I Cuss a Little)
  2. Your Way
  3. White Horse
  4. Last Call Love
  5. Reckless and Free
  6. Runaway
  7. Redneck Lullaby
  8. Shimmy
  9. Jesus and Jack D
  10. Codeine and Cola